Christian Raitz von Frentz

A Lesson Forgotten

Minority Protection under the League of Nations The Case of the German Minority in Poland, 1920-1934
Reihe: Arbeiten zur Geschichte Osteuropas
A Lesson Forgotten
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  • 1999
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"The problem of how to protect minorities is an old one which has lost none of its relevance.... mehr
"The problem of how to protect minorities is an old one which has lost none of its relevance. This impressive study of the [MPS] of the League of Nations in relation to the German minority in Poland illuminates a classic example of the problem: the conflict between a new nation state and a previously powerful minority supported by an outside power, and at another level the conflict between a sovereign state and an international organization charged with upholding minority rights. Dr. Frentz has made use of the extensive collection of minority petitions from the League of Nations' archive to produce an account that is both balanced and absorbing."

Jonathan R. C. Wright, Christ Church, University of Oxford

"With Europe once again seeing a revival of intense ethnic conflict, this is a very timely and welcome book. Based on very thorough research, it addresses many of the key issues raised by minority problems today and provides a shrewd assessment of the complexities involved in solving them. It ought to be required reading for members of international agencies involved in the Balkan crisis.

Jeremy D. Noakes, University of Exeter
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