Salomé Ritterband

Tracking Indigenous Heritage

Ju/'Hoansi San Learning, Interpreting, and Staging Tradition for a Sustainable Future in Cultural Tourism in the Tsumkwe District of Namibia
Reihe: Legal Anthropology and Indigenous Rights
Tracking Indigenous Heritage
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  • 2018
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In Living Museums and Cultural Villages , the Ju/’hoansi San of north-eastern Namibia handle... mehr

In Living Museums and Cultural Villages, the Ju/’hoansi San of north-eastern Namibia handle their Intangible Cultural Heritage as a basis for self-determination and as a strategy to achieve their claims for indigenous rights. On a regular basis, they perform their ‘traditional’ hunter-gatherer lifestyle for tourists as a means of generating income, while their children playfully practice and re-enact it themselves. After centuries of discrimination and marginalisation, the Ju/’hoansi are moving towards a new position inside the nation state.

Salomé Ritterband, MA, studied Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna and is currently working at the Weltmuseum Wien.

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