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Eli Franco, Isabelle Ratié (Eds.)
Around Abhinavagupta
Aspects of the Intellectual History of Kashmir from the Ninth to the Eleventh Century
Reihe: Leipziger Studien zu Kultur und Geschichte Süd- und Zentralasiens
Bd. 6, 2016, 684 S., 89.90 EUR, 89.90 CHF, br., ISBN 978-3-643-90697-7

Abhinavagupta is undoubtedly the most famous Kashmirian medieval  intellectual: his decisive contributions to Indian aesthetics, Śaiva  theology and metaphysics, and to the philosophy of the subtle and original  Pratyabhijña system are well known. Yet so far his works have often been  studied without fully taking into account the specific historical, social,  artistic, religious and philosophical context in which they are embedded.  The purpose of this book is to show that this intellectual background is  not less exceptional than Abhinavagupta himself.

Eli Franco is Professor of Indology at Leipzig University and an Ordinary Fellow of the Saxon Academy of Sciences.
Isabelle Ratié is Professor of Sanskrit at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Paris.

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