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Helen Ahrens, Horst Fischer, Verónica Gómez, Manfred Nowak (Eds.)
Equal Access to Justice for All and Goal 16 of the Sustainable Development Agenda: Challenges for Latin America and Europe
Reihe: Studies on Effective Multilateralism for Sustainable Development
Bd. 22, 2019, 396 S., 34.90 EUR, 34.90 CHF, br., ISBN 978-3-643-80289-7

The book provides an extensive overview of objectives and current implementation of Goal 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals in Latin America and Europe. Based on discussions at the GIZ-EIUC conference in Venice of May 2017, the book offers new insights into specifically Goal 16.3 from a Latin American and European perspective. Current challenges to access to justice before the European and the Inter-American Courts of Human Rights as well as common and different challenges to the European and Inter-American Human Rights systems are assessed. Based on the foundational work of the GIZ-DIRAJus project in Latin America specific challenges of access to justice in Mexico, Peru, Brazil, El Salvador and Chile are comprehensively examined. The issues identified in the book based on Latin American and European efforts in ensuring access to justice offer guidance in what way additional indicators for Goal 16.3 could be developed.

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