Black Knowledges, Black Struggles, Civil Rights

From Black to Schwarz The Eighth Biennial Conference of the Collegium of African American Research (CAAR) in Bremen, Germany, March 25.-29., 2009 explores the global epistemological, political, literary, and cultural impact of the many forms of African American diasporic knowledges and struggles and their enduring transnational manifestations. Mayor contributions will be published in the series FORECAAST. Recent and forthcoming titles include: Maria I. Diedrich, Jürgen Heinrichs (Eds.), From Black to Schwarz - Cultural Crossovers between African America and Germany (3-643-10109-9); Isabel Soto Garcia, Violet M. Johnson (Eds.), Western Fictions, Black Realities - Meanings of Blackness and Modernities (3-643-10121-1); Simon Dickel, Black and Gay - Postmodern Negotiations (3-643-10125-9); Christopher M. Bell (Ed.), Blackness and Disability - Critical Examinations and Cultural Interventions. Loopholes and Retreats: African American Writers and the Nineteenth Century