Hans-Georg Ziebertz (Hrsg.)

Imagining God

Empirical Explorations from an international perspective
Reihe: Empirische Theologie/Empirical Theology
Imagining God
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  • 978-3-8258-5425-6
  • 9
  • 2001
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Is the question of God still relevant for our time? Empirical studies from an international... mehr
Is the question of God still relevant for our time? Empirical studies from an international perspective show the fact that there are both indications of God's importance and disappearance. The articles deal with questions related to the content, structure and function of images of God. The studies document the actual variety and forms of religious practice and highlight the issues of God present - out of necessity from an ecumenical and interdisciplinary point of view. If and how the question of God is aske d is not only of denominational interest, but is also of a cultural importance for the individual and public life in Europe. The empirical studies in this collection were discussed at the "Würzburg Research Days - Practical Theology" in December 2000.

Contributors: R.Campiche (Lausanne/CH), J.Dreyer (Pretoria/SA), M.Engelbrecht (Bayreuth/D), U.Feeser (Bonn/D), L.J.Francis (Bangor/UK), Z.Gross (Ramat Gan/IL), B.Kalbheim (Würzburg/D), Y.Katz (Ramat Gan/IL), T.Kläden (Bonn/D), E.Klinger (Würzburg/D), E.Pace (Padua/I), W.Pasierbek (Krakow/PL), H.Pieterse (Pretoria/SA), A.Prokopf (Würzburg/D), U.Riegel (Würzburg/D), F.Schweitzer (Tübingen/D), M.Tomka (Budapest/H), J.A.van der Ven (Nijmegen/NL), H.-G. Ziebertz (Würzburg/D).

Hans-Georg Ziebertz is Professor of Practical Theology/Pedagogics of Religion at the University of Würzburg, Germany.
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