Karl Wohlmuth, Hans-Heinrich Bass, Elke Grawert, Achim Gutowski, Robert Kappel, Angela König, Markus Wauschkuhn (Eds.)

Africa's Reintegration Into The World Economy

Volume 8, 2000/2001
Reihe: African Development Perspectives Yearbook
Africa's Reintegration Into The World Economy
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  • 8
  • 2001
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The marginalisation of Africa with regard to international trade, international investment,... mehr
The marginalisation of Africa with regard to international trade, international investment, international technology flows and international firm cooperation is the outcome of historical factors, especially of the colonial period, but also of the policies pursued after independence. Africa's marginalisation is also the result of highly inadequate economic reforms during the 1980s that failed to stimulate internationally competitive production of goods and services in primary production, in manufacturing and in services.

Volume 8 of the African Development Perspectives Yearbook focusses on the causes of Africa's inadequate integration into the world economy, and on the strategies to regain an international status for Africa's production and trade sectors. Cases of successful integration of companies and countries into the world market as well as lessons for a better integration are the main thrust of the book. It is now time to demonstrate that world market integration is in reach for African producers, especially when considering the rich history of trading within Africa and between Africa and other world economic regions.

Content: Africa and Globalisation; Policies to Reintegrate Africa into the World Economy; Country Cases of Africa responding to Globalisation Trends; Globalisation and Gender in Africa; Regional Development and Globalisation; News and Booknotes.
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