Jörg Roche, Ferran Suñer

Language Learning and Cognition

The Basics of Cognitive Language Pedagogy. With Contributions by Kees de Bot, Marina Foschi, Marianne Hepp, Sabine De Knop and Parvaneh Sohrabi
Reihe: Transkulturelle Kommunikation
Language Learning and Cognition
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  • 2023
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The book presents the theoretical underpinnings and major applications of a new Cognitive... mehr
The book presents the theoretical underpinnings and major applications of a new Cognitive Language Pedagogy based in Cognitive Linguistics and inspired by modern psycholinguistic, neurolinguistic, psychological and didactic research. Cognitive linguistics offers a comprehensive approach to modernizing language teaching in many ways by establishing a paradigm shift rarely seen in language instruction. The book focuses on making accessible and using those insights for the fields of language acquisition and language learning, as well as for their application to the practical teaching of foreign languages and cultures (linguacultures). The book not only builds bridges between disciplines and between theory and practice, it also shows how the most modern language teaching approaches (task-based teaching and learning) can be integrated into an innovative model of a cognitive-based language pedagogy.

Jorg Roche is professor of German as a Foreign Language at Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany, and at the German-Jordanian University in Madaba, Jordan. His research focusses on multilingualism, intercultural communication, and the use of digital media in language learning.

Ferran Suñer is Professor of German language, linguistics and pedagogy at the Universit'e catholique de Louvain, Belgium. His research focusses on technology-enhanced embodied language learning, applied cognitive linguistics and L2 metaphor acquisition.
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