Tobias Faix, Johannes Reimer, G.J. van Wyngaard (Eds.)


Christian Perspectives - Interdisciplinary Approaches
Reihe: Interdisziplinäre und theologische Studien - Interdisciplinary and Theological Studies
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  • 978-3-643-91303-6
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  • 2020
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Hardly any other topic is as important for the coexistence of mankind as the question of justice... mehr
Hardly any other topic is as important for the coexistence of mankind as the question of justice and reconciliation. In this volume, we want to examine this important question from different interdisciplinary and international perspectives in order to develop an overall understanding that will contribute to reconciliation in various cultural and religious fields of conflict in the world. Particular attention will be paid to the theological perspective on reconciliation, in which justice and restoration of relationships play a central role.

Dr. Tobias Faix is professor for Practical Theology at the YMCA University of Applied Sciences in Kassel and Professor extraordinarius at the Department of Christian Spirituality, Church History and Missiology at University of South Africa (UNISA).

Cobus van Wyngaard is lecturer in Systematic Theology in the Department of Philosophy, Practical and Systematic Theology at the University of South Africa. He is an ordained minister of the Dutch Reformed Church in the inner city of Pretoria.

Dr. Johannes Reimer is professor of mission studies and intercultural theology at the Ewersbach University of Applied Arts, Germany and the Global Director of the Peace and Reconciliation Network of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA).
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