Olek Netzer

Person-Centered Political Party

A Blueprint for Organization Free of Power Corruption
Reihe: Neue Wege der Demokratie
Person-Centered Political Party
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Political Parties all over the world remain pyramidal structures with Power-Corruption... mehr
Political Parties all over the world remain pyramidal structures with Power-Corruption built-in, as members compete for higher positions on the organizational ladder.  This Blueprint offers an alternative. Today we possess sufficient practical knowledge about interpersonal dynamics that we can use to structure decision-making processes in ways both humanly decent and politically effective. Alternatives developed in Applied Behavioral Science can work for persons who want to become empowered by organizing without becoming corrupted by power struggle and Machiavellian practices.

At the very least, this Blueprint contains the strongest antidotes to Power Corruption that has poisoned the lives of idealistic and conscientious reformers and revolutionaries in the past. Political organization that puts power in the hands of all members at all times rather than in the hands of top leaders would be a radical departure from all the unsuccessful earlier attempts to organize.

Dr. Olek Netzer is an independent researcher in Political Psychology and a social activist residing in Tel Aviv, Israel.
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