Dana Sawyer, Julian Piras, Uwe Rasch (Eds.)

Aldous Huxley and Self-Realization

His Concept of Human Potentialities, His Techniques for Actualizing Them, and His Views of Their Social Consequences
Reihe: "Human Potentialities". Studien zu Aldous Huxley & zeitgenössischer Kultur
Aldous Huxley and Self-Realization
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  • 2019
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Throughout his writing career, and especially in the last thirty years of his life, Aldous... mehr
Throughout his writing career, and especially in the last thirty years of his life, Aldous Huxley exhibited a deep interest in human potentialities, which he often described as our greatest unused natural resource. The present volume is the first book to focus on this Huxleyan core concern. It is based on presentations given at the Sixth International Aldous Huxley Symposium held in 2017 at the University of Almería (Spain).

This volume collects essays by eleven scholars from eight countries that discuss Huxley's concept of human potentialities from an interdisciplinary perspective. This is another innovative feature of this book, since today Huxley is mainly remembered as a novelist, although only eleven of his fifty published works belong to that genre.

The topics of this volume span Huxley's mature philosophy, including his theories relating to the expansion of consciousness, the development of nonverbal humanities, the need to improve bio-ethics, the role of nature, the role of beliefs and prejudice, and other subjects. These essays review Huxley's various positions, shedding light on their possible significance for today. Huxley marshalled his remarkable intellect to the project of improving the human condition, and here we find an up-to-date report card of his theories and their efficacy.

Dana Sawyer is professor emeritus from the Maine College of Art (USA), where he taught Philosophy and Religion.

Julian Piras, M.A., is an independent scholar (Belgium) who studied Philosophy, Religion and Languages in Germany and Italy.

Uwe Rasch, M.A., helps edit and format the publications of the Aldous Huxley Society and is co-author of the first Huxley biography in German.
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