Tomás Glanc, Zornitza Kazalarska, Alfrun Kliems (Eds.)

Performance - Cinema - Sound

Perspectives and Retrospectives in Central and Eastern Europe
Reihe: Das andere Osteuropa. Dissens in Politik und Gesellschaft, Alternativen in der Kultur (ab den 1960er Jahren). Beiträge zu einer vergleichenden Zeitgeschichte
Performance - Cinema - Sound
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  • 2019
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This volume makes visible the cooperation between the Visegrad Fund and Humboldt University of... mehr
This volume makes visible the cooperation between the Visegrad Fund and Humboldt University of Berlin. With selections exploring the fields of performance, cinema, and sound, it incorporates ideas from performance theory, film and media studies, art history, philosophy, and literary theory. On the other hand it is the permeability of the media to each other—as well as to other expressive forms such as theatre and happenings, film and photography, voice and writing—that takes center stage. Fifteen essays delve into questions of performativity with concrete examples from Central and Eastern Europe: e.g. Czech, Hungarian, Russian, Slovak, and Soviet cinema; the Polish Academy of Movement, Tot Art, and Orange Alternative; the Hungarian performer Tamás Szentjóby and post-Fluxus phenomena; Polish "hobo poets" like Marcin Świetlicki; works of the French Jean Fautrier, the Czech Mikuláš Medek, and the Slovak Dominik Tatarka on sound and voice; Belarusian and Polish "sung poetry" as intermedial subversion of tradition, and the textual performance of Dezső Kosztolányi’s disappeared voice.

Tomáš Glanc, Lecturer for Czech at the University of Zurich and member of the research project "Performance Art in Eastern Europe (1950–1990)"
Zornitza Kazalarska, Assistant Lecturer at Humboldt University of Berlin and currently working on the poetics of microforms in Eastern European Literatures
Alfrun Kliems, Professor of West Slavic Literatures and Cultures at Humboldt University and specialized on underground culture in Eastern Europe
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