Barbara Drosten

Self-Efficacy Shapes Modernization

Evidence from Smallholder Farmers in Ghana
Reihe: Demokratie und Entwicklung
Self-Efficacy Shapes Modernization
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Self-efficacy (SE) is the critical link between environment, culture, institutions,... mehr
Self-efficacy (SE) is the critical link between environment, culture, institutions, modernization, and development. It enables adaptive learning from environmental stimuli, and fosters agency, cooperation, goal setting, openness, opportunity recognition, and longer-term planning. SE can be regarded as fertilizer for any policy measure. Research amongst smallholder farmers in South Ghana shows that historical return on investment culturally bequeathed investment SE, which largely influences today's farming investment and household income. SE is well malleable and perceptive to intentional promotion.

Barbara Drosten (PhD) is a social scientist and was affiliated to the University of Hamburg for this research after a career in business and international trade administration.
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