Vassilis Nitsiakos


Social economy in a Greek village
Reihe: Balkan Border Crossings- Contributions to Balkan Ethnography
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  • 2016
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Peklari is characterised by a kind of "experiential sustainability" combined with social... mehr
Peklari is characterised by a kind of "experiential sustainability" combined with social egalitarianism ... The whole system ensures the possibility of self-sufficiency as well as security through the alternative possibilities of production, as the household does not depend on just one crop ... Local societies adapt to the elements of the natural environment on which they depend but they also adapt it to their needs in such a way as to ensure that the available resources do not run out. Moreover, in time, ways out of economic and demographic difficulties are found, so that the equilibrium in local systems is not put at risk. Technical specialisation, mobility or even migration provide such solutions.

Vassilis Nitsiakos is Professor at the Department of History and Archaeology at University of Ioannina, Greece.
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Grundwissen Politik: Verfassungsrecht
Balkan Border Crossings
Vassilis Nitsiakos, Ioannis Manos, Georgios Agelopoulos, Aliki Angelidou, Vassilis Dalkavoukis (Eds.)
Balkan Border Crossings
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