Raphael Hörmann

Writing the Revolution

German and English Radical Literature, 1819-1848/49
Reihe: Kulturgeschichtliche Perspektiven
Writing the Revolution
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  • 2011
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This study investigates German and English revolutionary discourse between 1819 and 1848/49.... mehr
This study investigates German and English revolutionary discourse between 1819 and 1848/49. Marked by dramatic socioeconomic transformations, this period witnessed a pronounced transnational shift from the concept of political to one of social revolution. Writing the Revolution engages with literary authors, radical journalists, early proletarian pamphleteers and political theorists, tracing their demands for social liberation as well as their struggles with the spectre of proletarian revolution. It argues that these ideological battles translated into competing "poetics of revolution".

Raphael Hörmann is currently a postdoctoral researcher in Comparative Literature and Cultural History at the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, working on a project that investigates Gothic narratives of the Haitian Revolution. He has published widely on $19^th$ century German and English revolutionary texts and is the co-editor (together with Gesa Mackenthun) of Human Bondage in the Cultural Contact Zone: Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Slavery and its Discourses (Münster, etc.: Waxmann, 2010).
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Hans-Peter Bayerdörfer, Bettina Dietz, Frank Heidemann, Paul Hempel (Hg.)
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