Olivier Mentz, Hans-Peter Burth (Eds./Éds./Hg.)

Border Studies

Concepts, Positions, and Perspectives in Europe. Conceptions, positions et perspectives en Europe. Konzepte, Positionen und Perspektiven in Europa
Reihe: Europa lernen. Perspektiven für eine Didaktik europäischer Kulturstudien
Border Studies
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Rome (1957) - Schengen (1985) - Maastricht (1992) - Lisbon (2007). More than 60 years after the... mehr
Rome (1957) - Schengen (1985) - Maastricht (1992) - Lisbon (2007). More than 60 years after the signing of the Treaty of Rome, those events seem to be distant memory when looking at the political developments of recent years. The European Union actually faces its biggest crisis and it seems that the vision of a Europe peacefully united in tolerance, democracy and humanism is vanishing.

In this context, border education gains in importance in particular in teacher education. The present volume considers different concepts, positions, and perspectives on issues of border studies in various different European countries.

Olivier Mentz is Vice-President of the Franco-German University.

Hans-Peter Burth is Associate Professor of Political Science and Civic Education at the University of Education Freiburg.
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