Giles Constable

The Abbey of Cluny

A Collection of Essays to Mark the Eleven-Hundredth Anniversary of its Foundation
Reihe: Vita regularis - Ordnungen und Deutungen religiosen Lebens im Mittelalter. Abhandlungen
The Abbey of Cluny
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The essays published in this volume cover many aspects of the history of Cluny from its... mehr
The essays published in this volume cover many aspects of the history of Cluny from its foundation until the end of the twelfth century. Four of them are published here for the first time, and others appear in a revised form. The three articles on Cluny in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth centuries constitute a brief survey of Cluny at the height of its prestige and influence. Others, such as the articles on Cluny and the Investiture Controversy and the First Crusade, deal with the influence of Cluny outside its walls. Yet others are concerned with the relations between Cluny and other orders, between Cluny and its dependent houses, and between the abbey and town of Cluny. The remainder study the internal history of the abbey, the administration, legislation, and finances of the order, and its development and problems, especially in the twelfth century.
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