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Anthropology and Development

Herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. Thomas Bierschenk, Prof.Dr. Olivier de Sardan

Asmund Aamaas, William J.F. Keenan, Clemens Sedmak, Linda van der Zijden (Eds.)
Resilience and Unemployment
Bd. 4, 2012, 224 S., 24.90 EUR, 24.90 CHF, br.,

Pernille Sørensen
"Money is the True Friend"
Economic Practice, Morality and Trust among the Iganga Maize Traders in Uganda
Bd. 4, 2000, 248 S., 20.90 EUR, 20.90 CHF, br., ISBN 3-8258-4393-9

Mark Breusers
On the Move
Mobility, Land Use and Livelihood Practices on the Central Plateau in Burkina Faso
Bd. 3, 1999, 456 S., 40.90 EUR, 40.90 CHF, br., ISBN 3-8258-3941-9

Roch L. Mongbo
The Appropriation and Dismembering of Development Intervention
Bd. 2, 2000, 304 S., 24.90 EUR, 24.90 CHF, br., ISBN 3-8258-3406-9

Christian Lund
Law, Power and Politics in Niger
Land Struggles and the Rural Code
Bd. 1, 1998, 272 S., 19.90 EUR, 19.90 CHF, br., ISBN 3-8258-3405-0

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