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LIT Verlag has established itself as one of Germanys leading academic publishers. LIT publishing program presents a fast growing English language list. It offers original research, stimulating and innovative contributions to major academic disciplines. All titles are distributed in North America through well established American academic publishers. We kindly invite scholars to join our successful English language programme.


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African Studies
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New Publications

Order Expediting in Supply Chains -- Raik Özsen

Ethno-religious Identification and Intergroup Contact Avoidance -- Menandro Sarion Abanes

Consuming Whiteness -- Stefanie Affeldt

Social Matter(s) -- Tryfon Bampilis, Pieter ter Keurs (Eds.)

Philosophical Paths in the Public Sphere -- Gaetano Chiurazzi, Davide Sisto, Søren Tinning (Eds.)

In the Tracks of Breivik -- Mats Deland, Michael Minkenberg, Christin Mays (Eds.)

Fragmentation of Resource Management on the South East Arm of Lake Malawi -- Steve Donda, Mafaniso Hara, Maxon Ngochera, Erling Berge (Eds.)

The Sunuwar of Nepal and their Sense of Communication -- Werner M. Egli

Reurbanisierung und Wohnwünsche - Die Bedeutung städtischer Strukturen für die Bevölkerung in der Stadtregion Hamburg -- Philip Engler

Challenges of Health Care Workers Vis-a-vis Evangelical Mission of Jesus Christ in Igboland, Nigeria -- Benjamin Nzenekwesi Eze

Nikolai Bernstein - from Reflex to the Model of the Future -- Josef M. Feigenberg

Key Images of American Life -- Heinz-Dietrich Fischer

Dharmakirti on the Duality of the Object -- Eli Franco, Miyako Notake

Does Transnational Mobilization Work for Language Minorities? -- André Michael Hein

Beyond Urbanism -- Peter Herrle, Josefine Fokdal, Detlev Ipsen (+)

Global Challenges and Local Reactions: Czech Republic and South Africa -- Hana Horáková, Stephanie Rudwick (Eds.)

Racism and Sociology -- Wulf D. Hund, Alana Lentin (Eds.)

Pilgrimage and Sacred Places in Southeast Europe -- Mario Katic, Tomislav Klarin, Mike McDonald (Eds.)

Women's Rituals and Ceremonies in Shiite Iran and Muslim Communities -- Pedram Khosronejad (Ed.)

Socio-political and Cultural Determinants of Diarrheal Disease in the Mekong Delta -- Panagiota Kotsila

Poetics of Loss -- Katharina Lempe

Agency and Changing World Views in Africa -- Dieter Neubert, Christine Scherer (Eds.)

Aldous Huxley Annual -- Bernfried Nugel, Jerome Meckier (Eds.)

Eugen Ehrlich's Sociology of Law -- Knut Papendorf, Stefan Machura, Anne Hellum (Eds.)

Austria and America -- Joshua Parker, Ralph J. Poole (Eds.)

Legacy and Change -- Robert Pichler (Ed.)

Southeast European Studies in a Globalizing World -- Christian Promitzer, Siegfried Gruber, Harald Heppner (Eds.)

From Ethnic to Transnational -- Tanja Reiffenrath

The Making of Ernest Hemingway -- Hans-Peter Rodenberg

Heritage and Digital Humanities -- Bernadette Saou-Dufrene (Ed.) assisted by Benjamin Barbier

Networks of Learning -- Sita Steckel, Niels Gaul, Michael Grünbart (Eds.)

Dilemmas of the Modern Educational Discourse -- Irina Surina (Ed.)

Multinational Strategic Foresight of Environmental Trends in the Automobile Industry Using Internal Resources -- Natalie Wippel

For (Dear) Life -- Eva-Sabine Zehelein (Hg.)


Jan C. Behrends, Thomas Lindenberger (Eds.)
Underground Publishing and the Public Sphere
Transnational Perspectives

Censorship and its counterpart, the `underground' production and distribution of printed texts and images, existed ever since a `public sphere' came into being. The volume approaches this phenomenon by covering cases from the Tsarist Empire, the Soviet Union, Central Europe, South America and China.

News / Events

Book launch: BEYOND URBANISM Urban(izing) Villages and the Mega-urban Landscape in the Pearl River Delta in China
10.12.2014; 6 pm

TU Berlin Institute of Architecture Room A409
Strasse des 17. Juni 152
10623 Berlin

Welcome by Peter Herrle

30 min. video with Detlev Ipsen on Urban(izing) Villages and the Mega-urban Landscape in the Pearl River Delta

Discussion: The results of a DFG-funded research project on urbanization and informal dynamics

Large urban agglomerations have emerged over the past decades and, in some cases, entire rural regions were urbanized in less than a decade. These trends not only reflect an unprecedented quantitative dimension of urbanization but also the emergence of new urban forms - beyond urbanism - thus posing new challenges to regional planners, politicians and urban governance actors.
The book has been published in the HABITAT - INTERNATIONAL Series. Beyond Urbanism

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