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LIT Verlag has established itself as one of Germanys leading academic publishers. LIT publishing program presents a fast growing English language list. It offers original research, stimulating and innovative contributions to major academic disciplines. All titles are distributed in North America through well established American academic publishers. We kindly invite scholars to join our successful English language programme.


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African Studies
Asian Studies
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New Publications

Science, Technology and Innovation Policies for Inclusive Growth in Africa -- Reuben A. Alabi, Achim Gutowski, Nazar Mohamed Hassan, Tobias Knedlik, Samia Satti Osman Mohamed Nour, Karl Wohlmuth

Residential Segregation as Part of Imperial Policies -- Pierre Tim Böhm

Nomos and Violence -- Viktor Ber (ed.)

Social Strategies Building the City -- Marielly Casanova

Christian Ethical Implications of the Presence of the Kingdom as God’s Performative Action in the Light of Speech Act Theory -- Anna Cho

Return to Sender -- John Corrigan, Frank Hinkelmann (Eds.)

The Art of Revealing History -- Ya Decoopman

Territorial Shock -- Gertjan Dijkink

Remigration to Post-Socialist Europe -- Caroline Hornstein Tomic, Robert Pichler, Sarah Scholl-Schneider (eds.)

Forced migration and displacement of Iraqi minorities in Austria -- S. Behnaz Hosseini

Queens, Princesses and Mendicants -- Nikolas Jaspert, Imke Just (Eds.)

The Political Ecology of Drylands -- Sören Köpke

The Baltic Sea and the Law of the Sea - Finnish Perspectives -- Timo Koivurova, Henrik Ringbom, Pirjo Kleemola-Juntunen, Stefan Kirchner

Vrindavan's Encounter with Modernity -- Samrat S. Kumar

Making Local China -- Xue Li

Metamorphoses of Culture -- Tonci Matulic

Trans-fictional Praxis -- Johann-Albrecht Meylahn

From Natural Law to Political Economy: J.H.G. von Justi on State, Commerce and International Order -- Ere Nokkala

Balkan Life Courses -- Klaus Roth, Milena Benovska (Eds.)

Expressions of Religion -- Eugenia Roussou, Clara Saraiva, István Povedák (Eds.)

From the Mists of Martyrdom -- Ildikó Gyöngyvér Sárközi

A Theology of Postnatural Right -- Peter Manley Scott

A Question For Humanity -- Hülya Simga

Borders and Memories -- Katarzyna Stoklosa (Ed.)

The Institution of the Seminary and the Training of Catholic Priests in South-Eastern Nigeria (1885-1970) -- Angelo Chidi Unegbu

Social inequality and interreligious learning -- Alexander Unser

Dog Sledding in Norway -- Rune Waaler, Knut Skjesol (Eds.)

Styles of Multiculturalism in Mauritius -- Barbara Waldis


Hub Zwart
Psychoanalysis of Technoscience
Symbolisation and imagination

This book presents a psychoanalysis of technoscience. Basic concepts and methods developed by Freud, Jung, Bachelard and Lacan are applied to case histories (palaeoanthropology, classical conditioning, virology). Rather than by disinterested curiosity, technoscience is driven by desire, resistance and the will to control.

News / Events

Ethnologie/Anthropologie - 03.10.2018
15th EASA biennial - Stockholm University - August 14th- 17th 2018
LIT Verlag presents its Anthropology list at Europe's largest conference "Staying, Moving, Settling" of the European Association of Social Anthropologists in Stockholm.

Sounding Cities

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