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LIT Verlag has established itself as one of Germanys leading academic publishers. LIT publishing program presents a fast growing English language list. It offers original research, stimulating and innovative contributions to major academic disciplines. All titles are distributed in North America through well established American academic publishers. We kindly invite scholars to join our successful English language programme.


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Diversity in Education in Europe - Insights from Pedagogy and Psychology -- Maria Aleksandrovich, Renate Seebauer, Herbert Zoglowek (Eds./Hg.)

Sources of Mythology -- Klaus Antoni, David Weiß (Eds.)

If Billy Sunday comes to town - delusion as a religious experience? -- Cor Arends

Etude du ngbem, parler gangam de Koumongou -- Mimboabe Bakpa

Communicative Sustainability -- Thomas Bearth, Rose Marie Beck, Reinald Döbel

Face Work and Social Media -- Kristina Bedijs, Gudrun Held, Christiane Maaß (Eds.)

IMAGES (III) - Images of the City -- Veronika Bernard, Hatice Övgü Tüzün (Eds.)

Les vocabulaires locaux du "patrimoine" -- Julien Bondaz, Florence Graezer Bideau, Cyril Isnart, Anais Leblon (Eds.)

The Anthropology of Fear -- Andrea Boscoboinik, Hana Horáková (Eds.)

The Anthropological Field on the Margins of Europe, 1945-1991 -- Aleksandar Boskovic, Chris Hann (Eds.)

Rules and Observance -- Mirko Breitenstein, Julia Burkhardt, Stefan Burkhardt, Jens Röhrkasten (Eds.)

Critical Spaces -- Alexandru Calcatinge (Ed.)

The Symbolic Dimension -- Jarema Drozdowicz

Creating and Crossing Boundaries in Ethiopia -- Susanne Epple (Ed.)

Features of Common Sense Geography -- Klaus Geus, Martin Thiering

Vies données -- Marie Louise Gondal

Campaigning in Radical Right Heartland -- Oliver Gruber

Constructing and Communicating EUrope -- Olga Gyarfasova, Karin Liebhart (Eds.)

A Feminist Perspective on Opera Interpretation -- Courtney W. Howland

Echoes of Charis -- Stephan J. Joubert

Nature and Culture in Our Time. Nature et culture de notre temps -- Peter Kemp, Noriko Hashimoto (Eds.)

Let it Flow -- Roya Klingner, Monita Leavitt

Transitions and Dissolving Boundaries in the Fantastic -- Christine Lötscher, Petra Schrackmann, Ingrid Tomkowiak, Aleta-Amirée von Holzen (Eds.)

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Gender and Equality in China -- Mechthild Leutner, Zang Jian (Eds.)

Belize: Tracking the Path of Its History -- Renate Johanna Mayr

Religion and State in Tanzania Revisited -- Thomas Ndaluka, Frans Wijsen (Eds.)

The Struggle with Time -- Kari Palonen

Identity in Dialogue -- Didier Pollefeyt, Jan Bouwens

Knowledge Governance in an Industrial Cluster -- Farah Purwaningrum

Inclusive Religious Education -- Bert Roebben, Katharina Kammeyer (Eds.)

The Politics of Legal Regimes of Nuclear Energy in the Aspect of International Security -- Besfort T. Rrecaj

Structures of the World Political Economy and the Future of Global Conflict and Cooperation -- Christian Suter, Christopher Chase-Dunn (Eds.)

Macroeconomic Policy Formation in Africa - Country Cases -- Karl Wohlmuth, Achim Gutowski, Magda Kandil, Tobias Knedlik, Osmund O. Uzor (Eds.)

Writing Back Through Our Mothers -- Tegan Zimmerman


Lindy Stiebel, Therese Steffen (Eds.)
Letters to my Native Soil
Lewis Nkosi writes home (2001-2009)

Lewis Nkosi's influence as both South African writer and critic has been profound. His significance stems from the fact that he was one of the very few surviving members of the Drum generation of writers of the 50s, one who continued to write throughout the apartheid and post-apartheid decades.

News / Events

Theologie - 21.05.2013
Book Launch: Close to our Hearts - London, May 22nd
Aldegonde Brenninkmeijer-Werhahn and Klaus Demmer are launching the English edition of
in the presence of various contributors on
Wednesday, May 22nd 6pm
Archbishop Amigo Hall
St. Georges Cathedral
Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7HY.

A. Brenninkmeijer-Werhahn / K. Demmer (eds.): Close to Our Hearts: Personal Reflections on Marriage

Does taking a lifelong vow still make sense today? The twenty-four contributors to this book, all internationally recognized specialists in marriage, show from a variety of perspectives that it remains profoundly meaningful to understand marriage as a shared path that leads to maturity. Not only do the authors present fundamen-tal theological and philosophical ideas from the past two thousand five hundred years, but they also speak about their own personal experiences. Aldegonde Brenninkmeijer-Werhahn is the founder and director of the International Academy for Marital Spirituality in Brussels. Klaus Demmer is a member of the Order of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and Professor Emeritus for Moral Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. The book is a publication of the International Academy for Marital Spirituality (Brüssel)

LIT Verlag presents at that occasion the selected list LIT AKTUELL Theology and Society

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