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LIT Verlag has established itself as one of Germanys leading academic publishers. LIT publishing program presents a fast growing English language list. It offers original research, stimulating and innovative contributions to major academic disciplines. All titles are marketed and distributed in North America through well established American publishing partners. We kindly invite scholars to join our successful English language programme.


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New Publications

The United Nations and Security Sector Reform -- Adedeji Ebo, Heiner Hänggi (Eds.)

Church Polity, Mission and Unity: Their Impact in Church Life -- Barry Ensign-George, Hélène Evers (Eds.)

Performance - Cinema - Sound -- Tomás Glanc, Zornitza Kazalarska, Alfrun Kliems (Eds.)

Representation and Ultimacy -- Jan-Olav Henriksen

Africa on the Move -- Hana Horáková, Stephanie Rudwick, Martin Schmiedl (Eds.)

Women in Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations -- S. Behnaz Hosseini (Ed.)

Dehumanization -- Olek Netzer

Meeting God in the Other -- Alina Patru (Ed.)

Conflict at the Interface -- Bert Preiss

Epistemic Challenges in a Modern World -- Gunnar Skirbekk

The Silver Library of Duke Albrecht of Prussia and his wife Anna Maria -- Janusz Tondel, Arkadiusz Wagner (Eds.)

Approaching East-Central Europe over the Centuries -- Marija Wakounig, Ferdinand Kühnel (Eds.)

Kinship, Cosmology and Support -- Ruijing Wang

Existentia Hermeneutica -- Andrzej Wiercinski

Living in an Unruly World -- Theodor H. Winkler

Sustainability Research 2019 -- Hermann Witte (Ed.)

Bewildering Borders -- Werner Zips, Manuela Zips-Mairitsch (Eds.)

Requirements and Approaches for Contemporary Teacher Training -- Marijana Zupanic Benic, Oliver Holz, Melissa Michielsen (Eds.)


Jacobus Kok, Martin Webber, Jermo van Nes (Eds.)
Drawing and Transcending Boundaries in the New Testament and Early Christianity

The construction of early Christian identity was a dynamic process in which social boundaries were drawn but also transcended. The source documents of Christianity bear witness to the process and dynamics involved in the construction of insiders and outsiders - determining who is to be included and who excluded.

News / Events

World Solidarities: IUAES 2019 Inter-Congress in Poznan
LIT Verlag presents its Anthropology list at the Inter-Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Studies (IUAES)
IUAES2019. Inter-Congress: World Solidarities at the Adam Mikiewicz University in Poznan, August 27-31 2019

Among the many new titels displayed are
Lawino's People and Identités sahéliennes en temps de crise

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