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Helmut Staubmann (Ed.)
Action Theory
Methodological Studies
Reihe: Studies in the Theory of Action
Bd. 1, 2006, 232 S., 14.90 EUR, 14.90 CHF, br., ISBN 3-8258-7502-4

The volume explores the legacy of the general theory of action in order to exploit it for contemporary debates on the methodology of the social sciences. It includes the important but so far unpublished Parsons manuscript "The Sociology of Knowledge and the History of Ideas" and essays by Thomas Fararo (University of Pittsburgh): "On the Foundations of Action Theory"; Victor Lidz (Drexel University) and Harold Bershady (University of Pennsylvania): "Parsons' Tacit Metatheory"; Giuseppe Sciortino (Universitá degli studi di Trento): "Toward a Structural Theory of Social Pluralism"; David Sciulli (Texas A 38 M University): "Reformulating Parsons' Theory for Comparative Research Today"; Helmut Staubmann (University of Innsbruck): "The Affective Structure of the Social World".

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