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Eberhard Bohne, Charles F. Bonser, Kenneth M. Spencer (eds.)
Transatlantic Perspectives on Liberalization and Democratic Governance
Reihe: Transatlantic Public Policy Series
Bd. 1, 2004, 544 S., 34.90 EUR, 34.90 CHF, br., ISBN 3-8258-7284-X

The first volume of the new Transatlantic Public Policy Series comprises contributions by members of the Transatlantic Policy Consortium (TPC). Earlier versions of the papers published in this volume have been presented and discussed at the TPC Colloquium in Speyer, Germany, in June 2003 on the theme of Liberalization and Democratic Governance. They centre around subthemes which are critical on both sides of the Atlantic: the role of the state with social and economic actors, policy development and regulatory challenges to the state and the changing nature of democratic institutions and participation. Some contributions represent updated versions of papers originally prepared for the TPC Colloquium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/USA, in September 2001 on public service ethics at both national and international levels. The earlier publication of these papers fell victim to the terrorist attacks of that time. The volume provides a unique insight into European and US-American public policy issues and thinking.

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