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Jehona Lushaku Sadriu
Europeanization through Conditionality and Deliberation in the EU Enlargemant Process
An analysis of the case study of Kosovo
Reihe: Europa als politischer Raum
Bd. 4, 2019, 272 S., 39.90 EUR, 39.90 CHF, br., ISBN 978-3-643-91166-7

How does EU apply conditionality towards potential candidate countries in the Europeanization process? Is EU applying also deliberation for defining and applying conditions towards local institutions? This study analyzes the Europeanization process of newly established country, Kosovo by focusing on the application of EU conditionality and deliberation as enlargement tools. Deliberation is used for the first time in combination to EU conditionality. The research base of this study is the High Representative Meeting between EU and Kosovo representatives in the Stabilization and Association Process Dialogue: Sectorial Meeting on Justice, Freedom and Security, which was held in Prishtina in 2016. This case study has been qualitatively analyzed with a discourse analysis of thirty dialogues. As novelty, this study introduces an index of three measurement levels of EU conditionality, whereas Discourse Quality Index (DQI) was applied for deliberation. In a combination of theory and practice, the study presents concrete results, which are interesting for academia, EU institutions and public politics in Kosovo.

"Lushaku shows in her book that real politics is more complex with a mixture of conditionality and deliberation, where sometimes preferences are changed by the force of the better argument. Her book will help that the general public becomes more aware of this complexity and learns that politics can be much more interesting than simply a power game."
Jürg Steiner, Professor Emeritus at North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA and Universität Bern, Switzerland.

Jehona Lushaku Sadriu (born in 1980) finished her Doctoral studies on Political Science at University of Hannover, Germany. She teaches at University of Prishtina and has a research focus on the relations between EU and Western Balkan.

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