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Yehuda Bauer
The Jews - A Contrary People
Reihe: LIT Premium
Bd. 12, 2014, 312 S., 34.80 EUR, 34.80 CHF, br., ISBN 978-3-643-90501-7

"For the last fifty years I have been studying the genocide of the Jews, which we call the Holocaust. For the last thirty years I have been studying antisemitism, and for the last fifteen years genocide generally, and ways to prevent it. That is the prism through which I view Jewish history, past and present - I prefer to look at it from a contemporary point of view. That is also the way I view human history in general. It is quite possible that this view from the present to the past is decisively influenced by the fact that my professional life is determined by the most tragic and serious issues that any historian, and most certainly a Jewish one, can deal with: the Holocaust, antisemitism, and genocide." (Yehuda Bauer)

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