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Sämi Ludwig, Nicoleta Alexoae-Zagni (Eds.)
On the Legacy of Maxine Hong Kingston
The Mulhouse Book
Reihe: Contributions to Asian American Literary Studies
Bd. 7, 2014, 352 S., 29.90 EUR, 29.90 CHF, br., ISBN 978-3-643-90299-3

The Mulhouse Book is a collection of recent scholarship on Maxine Hong Kingston gathered on the occasion of the very first conference ever devoted exclusively to herself and to celebrate her opera omnia. Featuring the work of researchers from four continents, it stands for the cosmopolitan reception of the most important Asian American author. In addition to many new angles on her two canonical postmodern autobiographies, The Woman Warrior and China Men, this collection also tackles Kingston's less frequently discussed writings and her most recent publications. Parallel readings and comparisons further test her legacy in the sense of her enduring influence on younger Asian American writers. Though it is a conference book, this peer-reviewed volume includes additional articles by selected scholars. It also contains original presentations by Maxine and her husband Earll Kingston.

The LIT book series Contributions to Asian American Literary Studies is an international forum for the interdisciplinary discussion of Asian American literary studies. The interactive processes of the creation of Asian American studies impose new strategies of reading characterized by a continual call to reorientation and a new conditioning of the determinants of meaning. Moreover, contextualizing the Asian American experience in literature demands a wide theoretical framework from within which to analyze particular texts. Hence, the series editors, Rocío G. Davis and Sämi Ludwig, encourage specific readings that show the richness, complexity and diversity of Asian American cultural production through critical and theoretical lenses that focus on a great variety of writers and genres.

Includes a DVD-best to be watched on your TV!

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